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MaBaby is a one-stop solution for expectant mothers and their unborn babies acting as a Doula or a Pregnancy Companion as well as a Caretaker of the 9-month pregnancy journey.

How MaBaby Solves HER Problems

Pregnancy Guide

Embark on a journey with our enriched multilingual pregnancy guide, offering verified information on nutrition, exercise, baby growth, complications, body changes, and regional traditions.
Experience a comprehensive resource that elevates your pregnancy journey, providing valuable insights, cultural knowledge, and holistic support every step of the way.

24x7 Doctor Connectivity

Experience 24/7 dedicated doctor availability for personalized pregnancy medical consultancy, advisory, and information. Our expert team is here to provide reliable guidance, address your concerns, and offer tailored support throughout your journey. Trust us to be there whenever you need expert assistance for your pregnancy-related questions.

Medical Document Manager

Simplify your medical record-keeping with our integrated solution. Store and manage all your medical reports, prescriptions, and doctor notes in one place. Additionally, conveniently maintain a diary to track appointments and jot down important notes. Access your healthcare information easily whenever you need it, ensuring efficient management of your records.

Health Alerts

Take charge of your health with our proactive notification system. Stay informed with timely alerts for health updates and access the latest medical information.
Never miss a medical test or appointment again with our reliable reminders.
Prioritize your well-being and effortlessly maintain your healthcare routine, knowing we've got you covered every step of the way.

Health Tracker

Elevate your pregnancy monitoring with our cutting-edge IoT device. Track key health indicators such as fetal heart rate, maternal blood pressure, and maternal weight. With real-time data and seamless integration with the MaBaby app, you can easily access and manage your health information. Experience peace of mind and empower yourself with precise monitoring throughout your pregnancy journey.

Mental Health Support

Introducing our advanced AI component that focuses on your mental well-being throughout pregnancy. By analyzing facial pictures, voice, and daily responses, it accurately measures your mental state. Based on this assessment, it provides personalized supportive actions to enhance your emotional well-being. Experience comprehensive care for your mental health during this transformative journey.


Week by Week

Track your baby's development with a recommended pregnancy app featuring 40 beautifully illustrated weeks.

Knowledge & Support.

Holistic approach to your pregnancy journey.
Provides daily pregnancy info on diet, nutrition, exercise, and week-by-week details on baby development, scan images as well as trimester-specific information on potential complications, body shape changes.
Offers a wealth of traditional knowledge including regional traditions, remedies, cultural beliefs, and spiritual insights.

Caring, Protection & Stay Healthy

  • Instant 24*7 access to medical advice with just one click.
  • Health alerts and medical reminders to help you stay on top of your healthcare.
  • Log log medical notes within the app for easy reference.

Expert Recommendations

As a doctor, I highly recommend the MaBaby mobile app for pregnant mothers. It offers a comprehensive range of features, from tracking baby’s development and providing personalized health advice to connecting with healthcare professionals. It empowers mothers to actively participate in their pregnancy journey, ensuring optimal care and support.

Dr. Sardha Hemapriya

Senior Consultant In Obstetrician & Gynecologist

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